Church of the Abbey of Misericordia. Private guided tour to explore small churches in venice

Exploring the religious heritage

Venice hidden gems: the small churches

The tour focuses on the visit of some small churches located between St Mark’s and Castello districts (called sestieri in Venetian dialect). It is about less-known sanctuaries, compared to the more popular Frari church or St Mark’s Basilica, but they represent real art caskets and are an example of the city cultural vitality. As a matter of fact, a large part of these small churches were built, restored or decorated thanks to private funding and donations. This tour is an alternative to classic itineraries and a way to see more intimate and less touristy places.

Great masters in the small churches: Titian, Bellini and Tiepolo

The works of art treasured in these small churches are by famous artists admired in the main museums worldwide, like Titian, Bellini and Tiepolo. But on this tour, we have the opportunity to see them in their original spot, commissioned from noble families, middle-class citizens and foresti, i. e. foreigners who traded and lived in Venice.

Practical information

During the walking tour we’ll see the following small churches: San Giacometto, St Apostles, the Gesuits, St Maria Formosa (3 Eur, closed on Sun), St Maria dei Miracoli (3 Eur, closed on Sun), St John Crisostomo, San Salvador, St Julian. Since some of these churches are still active, they could be closed for services even during visiting hours.
Time: the tour is arranged everyday with pickup at 10 am or 3 pm.
Meeting point: Campo San Giacomo di Rialto, right in front of the omonimous church.
Tour duration: 3 hours. The visit of these small churches will be restricted to a selection of artworks. Some of them will be visited just from outside.
Level of difficulty: low. The tour develops in a relatively small part of the city centre. We suggest to wear comfortable shoes and a hat in warm days.
The cultural nature of the tour gives me, as a professional guide, the possibility to show my expertise in religious art.

The small churches of Venice

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