Libertine Venice private tour. On the foot steps of Casanova and Veronica Franco. stories and gossip from the past

On the foot steps of famous and notorious Venetians

Storytelling from the past

This tour is a nice walk through the city centre during which you will become acquianted with some notorious characters and the free customs of an unconventional society. You will listen to stories where they took place and you will enjoy specialties like chocolate and some finger food with a glass of wine.

Adventurous life and aphrodisiac food

The meeting point is in St Mark’s Square, the public living room of the city, where you’ll learn about Casanova, Venetians’ gambling aptitude and the “bella vita” at the time of the Serenissima Republic. But we will also talk about criminal justice and the use of masks to keep one’s identity secret.
After a stop at the best chocolate shop to taste the “new food” imported from the New Continent in the middle of XVI century, we will also reach Marco Polo’s place.

Rialto bridge

Rialto bridge with its market was the “hustle and bustle” of the city, where busy merchants sold goods from all over the world. Not far from there was the “red light district” where prostitutes worked and in XVI, due to a lack of clients, pleaded the bishop for support!
Rialto market is also the right place to stop for a good glass of wine and try some delicious local finger-food before we conclude our walk with the best coffee in town.

Practical information

Rialto market is open in the morning (07,30-12,30) from Tuesday to Saturday but the tour can also be arranged on other days and times.
Meeting point: St Mark’s square, right at Porta della Carta, the exit door of the Doge’s Palace.

Activity level

Activity level is light but we recommend to wear comfortable shoes.
Tour duration is three hours.
Tastings are included in the tour price!

Gossip from the past

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